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Category: Gender
Subject: Why do female wear revealing clothing?
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I have seen so many women wearing clothes that have no place in public. Yet, these women want and cry that men don't respect them and are offended when men look at what they are trying to show.
So, if women want men to not treat them like sexual objects then why not cover it up?

David P, Mission, TX, United States , Male , Straight , 2 Years of College
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Category: Gender
Subject: Women & Revealing Clothing
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Since you haven't described the kind of clothing you consider "revealing", it's hard to answer your question. But, a few thoughts on the subject:

1. Some women & men have poor judgment about the appropriateness of clothing in whatever context. They may just be copying what they saw in parents growing up.

2. Women are constantly told that "men are visual" and looks are more important to men than women in dating & marrying. Some women may misinterpret that to mean they should dress to get attention.


In American TV & movies, you normally see young women dress in sexy, revealing ways in all settings for entertainment value, e.g., a pretty, young female lawyer wears a dark suit with a very short skirt to work and is taken seriously by her law firm & clients. IN the real world, she would be sent home to change into something more suitable or her bad judgment might lose her the job.

I especially found it hilarious when a female police investigator wore 4" spike heels to the crime scene out in the woods. Crazy! But her legs looked great.

Just Curious
Shirley Avery, St. Louis, MO, United States , 50 , Female , Jewish , White/Caucasian , Straight , 4 Years of College
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