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Category: Gender
Subject: Women's lipstick shapes
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I read somewhere that the shape of a woman's lipstick depicts her
personality. I've noticed the different shapes on the tip of women's
lipsticks. I've seen slanted, flat, rounded, pointed. Is it a myth that the shape of a women's lipstick depicts her personality or is it true, and if so, what does each shape say about a woman's personality?
S. , Jacksonville, FL, United States , 24 , female , African American
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Category: Gender
Subject: nooooo
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I would def disagree with that. I assumed the different shapes helped with applying the lipstick in different manners to different shaped lips.
I'm 41 and have dated alot of different women. No one has ever said anything otherwise.
Mark A, Mt Clemens, MI, United States
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Category: Gender
Subject: Color, not shapes of lipstick
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Never heard about the shape of lipsticks. I think color says more about one's personality.

Just Curious
Shirley Avery, St. Louis, MO, United States , 50 , Female , Jewish , White/Caucasian , Straight , 4 Years of College
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