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Category: General Diversity
Subject: Smokers are people, too
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I smoke, and I don't find them offensive; however, if they designate a smoking area for staff/customers outside the building I find it incredibly offensive if they don't bother to cover it.

While it's become very PC to despise smokers, they are people, too.
David , Seattle, WA, United States , Male
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Category: General Diversity
Subject: i agree
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it seems the non smokers are getting their way all around and are very inconsiderate concerning people who choose to smoke. they should be more concerned about the bus fumes, car exhaust, and all other types of pollution and channel all of that energy toward that, "which in my book is something meaningful." but they are simpletons and have no guts but feel like they are making a statement picking on something that has gotten so out of poportion. what a bunch of idiots...

mr cyberchuckie, harrisburg, PA, United States
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Category: General Diversity
Subject: It's a matter of being considerate on both sides.
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One thing to keep in mind is that in many cities, its mandatory that smoking be banned in certain businesses, particularly restuarants. The building/company managers may not have much of a choice.

Personally, I think there should be fairly tight restictions on such things, only because it's been shown fairly conclusively that the unfiltered "sidesmoke" from cigarettes is pretty dangerous to those around you. Most smokers I know personally are pretty understanding about that, and at least try to crack a window even if they're in, say, their own car, with a nonsmoker.

That said, I'd certainly say an awning is only fair, but there's probably a bit of an unconscious reaction against people who demand, loudly and rudely, the "right" to smoke whenever and wherever they want. Often to pe
Jason S, Bloomington, IN, United States
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