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Category: Disabilities/Challenges
Subject: Why poke fun at the disabled?
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When someone has a disability, why do people make fun of them? It's not their fault and they have no control over their condition.
Mark T. , West Monroe, NY, United States , Male
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Category: Disabilities/Challenges
Subject: Not Enough Tolerance in this World
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People make fun of others who have disabilities because they have not been taught by their parents to be tolerant of others that are different - no matter what disability they have, the color of their skin, their age, what religion they are or how they dress. Parents need to do a better job instilling tolerance in their children. This is a parent's ethical responsibility to make the world a better place by teaching their children tolerance and respect.

Katie H, Singapore, NA, United States , 39 , Female , Catholic , White/Caucasian , Straight , mother/wife/workhorse , 4 Years of College , Upper middle class
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Category: Disabilities/Challenges
Subject: lack of understanding
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All too often people put down or dislike what they do not understand......this goes for just about anything that makes us different not only disabilities. I agree with the person who said that parents need to do a better job at teaching acceptance and tolerance.

People generally (unconsciously) want to gravitate towards things like symmetry and "good speaking voice". Unfortunately in the case of some disabilities such as cerebral palsy the face is often no longer symmetrical and the person may have slurred speech or may even be extremely difficult to understand.
Another is that a lot of able-bodied people feel they are superior to those of us with disabilities. You guys can often do things we as disabled can not.

There is one thing that I think we as disabled people do to those
Hiedi R, San Diego, CA, United States
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Category: Disabilities/Challenges
Subject: Disabilities
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My boyfriend of two years has a daughter that was born with CP and was recently diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. She has some problems and watching her interact with people can sometimes be heartbreaking. She waves at someone and they turn their head or says Hi! and they look at the ground. I don't believe that these people are horrible and deserve to rot in hell. I think that many people who are uncomfortable and even goes as far as making fun of disabled children/adults just do not know how to handle it. They dont know how to deal with it so they make it funny which relieves them somewhat, even though they know inside that it really is not funny. I'm not say all people have this excuse, some people are just flat out cruel and someday what goes around will come back around
Ashley , Roanoke, VA, United States , 22 , Female , 4 Years of College
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