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Subject: Tattoo next for an infant?
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I think it is just plain selfish to get an infant's ears pierced. That baby does not come out of the womb saying, "Mummy, I do think that a dazzling pair of earrings would go quite wonderfully with my onesie, don't you agree?" No, unless it is for some religious reason it should never happen. I realize some people might say that it alleviates the child from remembering the pain but what if the child doesn't want the earrings? Sure you can take them out but isn't it really only for the parents' pleasure to have their baby pierced? What's next? A tattoo for junior? He can just get it lasered off if he doesn't like it.

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Category: Age-related
Subject: earings
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Yes, I believe it is okay , infact, i think all little girls ears should be pierced. Tattoos and piercings dont go hand in hand, therefore giving us no place to compare the two. We most definately would not tattoo our child. Big difference between the two: piercings are not pernmanent tattoos are. So do I think its okay to pierce my little girls ears. Absolutely why not? There girls, and it does indeed look good with there onesies. If my little girl doesnt want them when she is older, then she can take them out. They will grow in.

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