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Subject: Re: Like gay porn; am I gay?
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Maybe you're gay, maybe you're just a straight guy who likes gay porn. Maybe you're bi, or maybe there's just not a label that applies in your situation.

Sexuality is a lot more flexible than most of us imagine; I've met straight guys who like to get blown by guys but they're still 100% straight.

With labels like "straight" and "gay" it probably matters more what you like to call yourself--how you identify--than who you like to sleep with.

Gordon R, Salt Lake City, UT, United States
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Category: Sexual Orientation
Subject: To many options
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I don't know where you are from and how you grew up...or what you consider to be homosexual or heterosexual...but a man who receives oral sex from another man is gay...its called the "down-low." In public he is the very masculine ladies man..but behind closed doors he is getting his booty popped by another man...whether it be oral, penetration...it is an homosexual act therefore you are a homosexual...Also there is no such thing as being bi-sexual we call those "freaks or nymphos" You like both men and female sex organs but in reality you are just a sexual animal witha very large appetite...in fact bi-sexuals are known to need to sex therapy because it is called being confused...

Lyrick Bivins, Washington, DC, United States , 20 , Female , Black/African American , 2 Years of College
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