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Subject: Black Men not monogamous?
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I don't think it is an issue of black men being ignorant - not having the awareness of such moral values.

I don't think it is an issue of black men being arrogant - not having the humility to accept such moral values.

There are men of every ethnicity, race, and religion who are averse to monogamous relationships and there are men of every country, creed, and culture who are unfaithful and exhibit selfish behavior.

I think the reason it is presumed that most black men think this way and that most black men behave this way is by and large because of stereotypes.

Most black men are more than willing and able to embrace and accept commitment, and most black men do not think it is absurd to be monogamous with one woman.

However, I will say that aside from simply attributing this generalization to the "black brute" stereotype that goes back to days of slavery that is in some ways still associated with black men, there may be some plausibility to this presumption from a socioeconomic standpoint.

Environment plays a much greater role in the attitude and behavior of people than race. A black man who grows up in a wealthy, priviledged community in Maine is not going to think or act the same as a black man who grows up in an impoverished, urban neighborhood.

With that in mind, consider that the median income of blacks in the U.S. is significantly lower than that of whites and this propensity for poverty is paramount, because studies show that poverty not only has significant affects on communities but it has significant affects on culture also.

If there is any truth to the presumption that black men don't think they need to be monogamous with one woman, I would say it is due to income disparity as opposed to simply being a matter of race.

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