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Subject: Rich people are rude
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I'm a contractor and work in homes of all kinds of people. I find rich people in general to be the most polite and helpful. I find renters to be awful to try and work with, sometimes almost animalistic in thier behavior and living environment. People who aren't really rich but are living rich are the worst, pretentious and over compensating...and then you never get paid.

That said, for years I was involved in a high risk sport that involved guys of all social classes. And there was a clique of upper middle class and rich guys who behaved with a sense of entitlement and an insanely distorted view of their own worth and level of accomplishment. Rude, dishonest, stuck-up, amoral. Just imagine the bad preppie frat house in any 80's movie.

Sorry, my random experience with no conclusion.

Guy Guyerson, boise, ID, United States , 45 , Male , Christian , White/Caucasian , Straight , self employed construction , High School Diploma , Lower middle class
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