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Subject: Jewish pride - or superiority complex?
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I recently moved to New Jersey and have met a lot of Jewish people. I get a feeling from many of them that they feel superior to me. Do I have the wrong impression, or is there some truth to my feeling?

Maria F., Westwood, NJ, United States
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Category: Religion
Subject: whoo-boy!
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I have to agree with Maria ... sorry. I have often noticed a sense of entitlement emanating from the Jewish community. I think that part of it is pure (well deserved) pride in their shared heritage. The Jews have had to 'fight' (literally and figuratively) for their right to practice their religion for 3000+ years.

They tend to (in my view) cherish education, family ties and a good work ethic, all adding up to being prosperous. Between the two (close, proud heritage and prosperity), they seem to 'know' they are 'better' than other people.

Plus, we hear SO much in the news (regarding Israel) that Jews are God's 'chosen people' and that's a pretty big flag of pride to fly in people's faces.

All of this is written with great regard for the Jewish people.
Anne C, Indianapolis, IN, United States , 49 , Female , White/Caucasian , Straight , High School Diploma , Middle class
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Category: Race/Ethnicity
Subject: Jewish pride
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I don't think this has anything to do with being Jewish, per se. I think most ethnic groups can fall into this trap. Either these people have a shared racist attitude, or you are being sensitive, or both.

Jerry S, New Britain, CT, United States , 60 , Male , Jewish , White/Caucasian , Straight
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Category: Religion
Subject: It could be about community
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As I was born and raised jewish both ethnicly and religiously (although not religiously practicing) I did venture into a lot of local circles which were known as the jewish communities.

You have to understand, Jews really thrive when they are together with their own as you could imagine of any ethnicity. You may take the pride or superiority "complex" out of context.

They may not be saying WE are better than YOU, but moreso YOU are not one of US.

As again I'm not an orthodox or religiously practicing jew... in fact, my friends kid me by saying I'm as jewish as I am any other religion, I know how it can be to be around many jews but still not feel as if I'm one of them.

No they may never have come off as rude, or superior, but I could clearly tell they knew I was not one of them.

So don't think of it so much as they are personally attacking you, or that they don't like you, or you aren't "worthy" ... its just that they probably feel as you are not one of them, you wouldn't understand.

Steven W, Houston, TX, United States , 25 , Male , White/Caucasian , Technical School , Middle class
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Category: Religion
Subject: It all depends
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Well I assume your talking about religious Jews, not Adam Sandler and Jerry Seinfeld types. So in regard to the religious Jews... Many of them are very separatist and cautious of "the ways of the gentile". Not even for the physical trauma left on their people but the spiritual, including many christian missionary groups that would destroy the Jews in a non-physical way, with their Jews for Jesus campaigns. The Esteemed Rabbis have decided that the best way to prevent assimilation and the subsequent annihilation of their people is by cutting of any similarities with the Gentiles. At the same time they do believe they have a unique soul and are faced with unique challenges that would make them more sympathetic towards Jews who are bound to the laws of Kosher and keeping Shabbat and fasting
Zechariah Schwartz, Los Angeles, CA, United States
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