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Subject: Smoking Laws vs. Smoking Choices
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Before I begin, I must say that I'm a smoker.

That said, which is your actual question?

If it's about a building or a business that chooses to be non-smoking, as per the post, no, it doesn't offend me. I say this because the owner has made a clear choice that he believes benefits him, personally or fiscally.

However, if the title is to be believed, anti-smoking laws deeply offend me. This is the government stepping in and discriminating against those that light up. We don't choose to once nicotine has its hold on us (read the definition of addiction), and more importantly, the business owner had had THEIR choice stripped away from them.

I live in a state that has recently adopted anti-smoking laws, so this is a subject that strikes a deep chord with me, and I appreciate the opportunity to speak my mind.
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