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Why are so many parents selfish and try to get out of paying child support, making the child suffer because they don't like the kids' other parent anymore?

If the person being required to pay child support is the biological or adoptive father of a child, then they have a legal responsibility to pay for half the expenses of raising that child because they supplied half the genetic make-up of that child.

My ex still technically owes me about $7000 in back child support. He'd get laid off at the end of every summer and would not try to get a job over the winter so he could keep up with his payments. He paid NOTHING of their extracirricular activities, NOTHING for their school clothes, etc. What I got a month barely covered their food, the gas for running them all over the place, and oth
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Category: Sensitive Matters
Subject: child support
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If u guys were married and he was laid of u wouldnt gt any thing. To mechild support should only be used if thy other parent is not being their at all its timte to teach our daughters threir self worth so they dont lay down wt any bum. Look at wt u have before u open up ur legs
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