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Though each doctor has a different point of view, almost all that I've gone to have said that I am clinically depressed. My depression is mostly hereditary, from my father. Though he mellowed as I got older, he suffered a severe form of depression, with a possibility of bipolar disorder when I was a child. After my mother noticed that he was suicidal, she insisted he go to thereapy and receive proper treatment. He is still medicated now (he is in his forties), and the pills sober him, at the price of emotional detachment. I am much like my father, to my deepest reluctance. We share a common cynical outlook on things, often completing eachother's sentences.

The most difficult part of this condition, is its invisibility. My father and I share the ability to completley conceal our emotions to breaking point, and when that breaking point is reached, those around us are quite baffled.

Alyssa E, Dayton, OH, United States , Female , Agnostic , White/Caucasian , Bisexual , Student , Middle class
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