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Subject: Prince charming is too risky
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Easy. When a girl dates a badboy it is obviously all on him. She is always the blameless victom who gets endless sympathy and always has some entertaining drama stewing so she can be the center of attention with her friends. If he dumps her or finds someone 'better', that's just the bum being the jerk he is, nothing on her.

Being with a nice guy who has his act togeather has deep risks. If there are problems there is a good chance he isn't causing them. There is no drama to passively be entertained by, she has to make an effort to be her best self and bring something to the table. If the girl is dumped by this guy that all her friends know is a real prince, then it is mostly on her not being good enough. If he finds someone better, she probably really is better and not just the bad boy's next toy.

The bad guy is less risky to insecure women.

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