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Category: Sexual Orientation
Subject: Yep, you're gay
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Yes it makes you gay. A man who enjoys watching two men have sex is a homosexual...hands down...if women interests you and you consider yourself to be a heterosexual why aren't you watching lesbian sex?

Lyrick Bivins, Washington, DC, United States , 20 , Female , Black/African American , 2 Years of College
Mesg ID: b716fb12-3dbd-406a-a478-0bf6df5afa77
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Category: Sexual Orientation
Subject: Are you kidding me?!
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I see from your young age that maybe you haven't experienced much yet in life. However, what a boring, missionary position, vanilla sex life we would all have if it weren't for the quirks and experimentation that keeps things hot year after year. I'm a woman who likes to watch male oriented gay porn. What kind of freak does that make me? FYI, my man doesn't like porn at all, of any kind.
Dot L, L.A., CA, United States , Female , Middle class
Mesg ID: 6be113f1-272a-4cc4-a5ff-739f8a74c396
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