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Science explains this fairly well, even if full understanding of it has not come to light as yet.

All babies start life as a female, which is why men have nipples. And the easiest and clearest way to explain thy I can think of is that say it takes 10 units of testosterone (the male sex hormone) to develop the foetus into a male child. If testosterone production in the womb is not I these levels you can find that a baby is born with a male body but a female brain or vice versa. Of course it is. It really quite that black and white. Not all gay men are equally effeminate for example.

But in summary it's down to fluctuations in the production of certain sex and development hormones during gestation which suggests being gay or lesbian is perfectly natural.

Interestingly, for reasons I dot believe have yet been established, female siblings of gay men tend to be more fertile.

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