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As I was born and raised jewish both ethnicly and religiously (although not religiously practicing) I did venture into a lot of local circles which were known as the jewish communities.

You have to understand, Jews really thrive when they are together with their own as you could imagine of any ethnicity. You may take the pride or superiority "complex" out of context.

They may not be saying WE are better than YOU, but moreso YOU are not one of US.

As again I'm not an orthodox or religiously practicing jew... in fact, my friends kid me by saying I'm as jewish as I am any other religion, I know how it can be to be around many jews but still not feel as if I'm one of them.

No they may never have come off as rude, or superior, but I could clearly tell they knew I was not one of them.

So don't think of it so much as they are personally attacking you, or that they don't like you, or you aren't "worthy" ... its just that they probably feel as you are not one of them, you wouldn't understand.

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