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Category: Sexual Orientation
Subject: Gays Geting Married
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Who cares? Gays should be allowed to give all their money to lawyers in messy divorces just like everyone else.

My question is that if gay marrage is legal, would churches be obligated and forced to do gay marrages?

That said, you know the next step is 'Gays should be allowed equil consideration for adoption', or 'Affermitive action for gay adoption'. You know it is going there next. My major objection.

Guy Guyerson, boise, ID, United States , 45 , Male , Christian , White/Caucasian , Straight , self employed construction , High School Diploma , Lower middle class
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Category: Sexual Orientation
Subject: What's the problem?
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I know three gay couples with adopted children. I don't understand why anyone has an issue with this. And as for Affirmative Action, gays should be afforded the same treatment as Jews, Asians and other disproportionately successful and well educated minorities. Since they are statistically higher earners than the norm, they won't need any special assistance.

Dot L, L.A., CA, United States , Female , Middle class
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