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Subject: baby ear piercing
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Among the Hispanics around whom I grew up, it was THE definitive gender differentiation tool. This seems to be the motivation for Arab and Indian/ Pakistani parents as well. I've seen parents of these cultures literally come right from the hospital to the Claire's at the mall in order to have their two-or-three-day-old daughters' ears pierced. I guess in cultures which place no or nearly no value on the lives of women, making sure a baby girl doesn't get mistaken for a baby boy and treated too well is very important.
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Category: General Diversity
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wow, this is the most racist thing I've read on this site so far. Have you ever spent any time at all with members of the Arab or Hispanic cultures? Yes, the man is the head of household (as in the Christian culture), but honestly, from what I've seen through my friends and their families, the woman not only is most of the time the one in charge, but even if she is not, the men are extremely protective over them. Not in the "oh my woman is weak" way, but in the "I love her so much and could not bear any harm to come to her." Saying that their lives have no value is a gross underestimation of what it means to be a woman in those cultures. Maybe you just go by what you have seen on TV, but please do not make such generalized statements until you have come to a true understanding of those cultures.
Oh, and before you ask, at least one of the families I know are strict, old-fashioned Arabs and practice Islam down to the letter, and I can still say that they are very respectful of their wives and daughters.

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