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Praise for I Can't Believe You Asked That!:

"Milano is quietly revolutionizing cross-cultural communication..."
- Pulitzer Prize-winning nationally syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts

"This is a hilarious book ... Have you ever had a burning question you were just dying to ask but you felt it was just too politically incorrect to say aloud? Well, there is a new book out with the answers to these questions..."
- Dayside with Linda Vester, Fox News Channel

"A truly rare achievement. It's fascinating, fun and informative, but it also has the potential to have a profound impact on the way we all see and understand each other..."
- John D. Thomas, contributing editor, Playboy magazine; editor,

"Phillip Milano. He's a question-and-answer guy, sort of like a Dear Abby, but with really provocative questions ... This cat (has) a whole book of uncomfortable questions. It's race, gender, sexuality, handicapped people - a very bizarre book ... But people are people and the more we get this stuff out in the open, the more it disarms it. There's a difference between asking questions and reinforcing stereotypes, and that's important..."
- Marc Maron, Air America Radio's "Morning Sedition"

"I applaud you for what you're doing ... It's an incredible book. It diffuses everything ... Nothing is off limits, and the questions have that childlike honesty to them..."
- Dee Snider, lead singer, Twisted Sister; host, "Dee Snider Radio," WMMR, Philadelphia

"He doesn't care what we think about the questions ... It's been great talking to (Phillip Milano) ... This was a good time - and I was a little nervous about this segment before it started..."
- Mark Riley, Air America Radio's "Morning Sedition"

"If you've ever hesitated to ask a question because you think it might be considered insensitive or impolitic, now is your chance ... Nothing is considered out of bounds..."
- CNN Headline News

"New workplace rules, political correctness and our tendency to be super sensitive when it comes to racial stereotyping has meant that there are questions that we have been dying to ask but were afraid we'd offend someone ... But how did a white man end up the moderator of what could become the great race debate? ... (Milano) believed in the need to understand where another human being is coming from -- even when we insist we couldn't care less. That is incredibly valuable stuff..."
- Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell

"You could benefit from flipping through the pages of I Can't Believe You Asked That! ... these questions can generate a range of emotions and reactions. But the point of Milano's book is not to get people mad, but to inform us about the lives and experiences of others. Though many of the answers that people offered to the questions posed in his book are conflicting, these responses are balanced by the comments of experts whose responses to the queries also appear in the book..."
- USA TODAY columnist DeWayne Wickham

�I like what Milano is doing ... I have to believe that there�s sincerity about people who take the time to ask questions about things that they don�t know about � no matter how goofy their question may seem. So keep doing your thing, Phil. Because conversation is the first step to get people of different races and backgrounds to begin to listen to each other. And ultimately, to their consciences..."
- Tonyaa Weathersbee,, Tom Joyner Morning Show 's web site

"There is a genuine interest in the issues that his book addresses. A part of us wants to know about the weird stuff, the inappropriate stuff, the politically incorrect..."
- Susan Scott, author, Fierce Conversations - Achieving Success at Work & in Life, One Conversation at a Time


The new book on Y?, I Can't Believe You Asked That! (Perigee, 2004) offers compelling, real dialogue - from both everyday people (our users!) and experts - on even the most sensitive topics:

  • What do blind people "see" in their dreams?
  • Why do white people smell like wet dogs when they come out of the rain?
  • Why do so many gay men love The Wizard of Oz?
  • Do Catholics consider oral sex a sin?

Politically correct or not, these questions reflect natural, honest, human curiosity about the lives and experiences of other people. Nationally recognized diversity advocate Phillip J. Milano uses these and a host of other questions from the hugely popular Y? website to present an unflinching, occasionally bizarre and sometimes hilarious look at the taboo topics so many people wonder about - but usually don't dare ask.

Diversity trainer and speaker Phillip MilanoPhillip Milano is the Director and Editor-in-Chief of Y? The National Forum on People's Differences, and founder of the National Diversity Newspaper Job Bank, the nation's premier recruiting site for minorities and women. He is the former chairman of the Recruitment and Youth Development Committee of The Newspaper Association of America's Diversity Board, and a featured speaker nationwide at diversity-related professional conferences and seminars. He is an 18-year newspaper veteran and an editor for The Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville.

Devour I Can't Believe You Asked That! yourself, buy it for a family member or friend, or use it in your classroom or diversity seminar. It's sure to create a buzz - as well as a lasting conversation.