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Welcome. Consider yourself a volunteer in a unique experiment that's making headlines worldwide by daring people to talk about their differences. (In fact, you can Post or Reply right now, or check out the award-winning Dare to Ask newspaper column.)

Y? Forum, the first and only site of its kind, provides a safe place to candidly discuss tough issues such as racism, stereotypes, gender discrimination, religious persecution, age discrimination, homophobia, and other matters of cultural diversity. Users are encouraged to ask those questions you've been too embarrassed or uncomfortable to ask in the past and provide your perspective on other users' questions. Y? The National Forum On People's Differences has no agenda or cause, other than to get people talking across their differences - a running dialogue Y? believes most of us would like to see occur but that has yet to fully unfold through the conventional media. To help you get started, you'll find extensive articles here at Yforum.com on diversity, racism, sexism, sexuality, ageism, religion and disability. We encourage you to browse these articles before beginning your dialogues.

You can also click here to find questions for which we're seeking replies to run in the "Dare to Ask" newspaper column.

Phillip J. Milano, Director

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Discussion Guidelines

If you are a first-time visitor, you must read and follow the guidelines for asking or answering a question or countering an answer before making a posting. You may also want to browse the Best Postings or Original Dialogues pages, browse categories or FAQs, or do a search of the database to see what types of questions and answers have already come in. Students and educators working on research or school diversity projects may want to use the Research/Coursework center.

WARNING: ADULT CONTENT. If you use Y?, you may be exposed to Adult material (language, not images) not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. Do not proceed, agree to the User Agreement or use this site in any way if you do not wish to be exposed to Adult material.

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