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Subject: Child Support
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Why do good people have to pay child support to selfish people who don't even use it toward the children?
Lynette , Jacksonville, FL, United States , 32 , Female , Baptist , White/Caucasian , Straight , Fulltime Mom , High School Diploma , Lower middle class
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Category: General Diversity
Subject: Because he's their father
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I'm gonna take a wild stab here: Your husband has to pay child support to his ex, right?

He is the kids' father, and he's expected to provide for them, irrespective of how he feels about their mother or what she does with the money he pays.

If he thinks she's not using the money toward the kids, he needs to let the court that set up the child support schedule know of his suspicions, because if she is blowing it on Prada shoes or whatever, and the kids are suffering as a result, she can be penalized.
Ann L., Kansas City, MO, United States , 40 , Female , Animist , White/Caucasian , Straight , Executive Assistant , 4 Years of College , Middle class
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Category: General Diversity
Subject: child support
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Firstly, because people who don't pay child support typically do not get visitation rights. If that's not good enough for you, then note this..

Children grow up and learn whether their parent loved them enough to pay, no matter the circumstances. Children aren't interested in a line-item receipt. They look at the big picture.

Cheryl M, Orange Park, FL, United States
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Subject: Let's turn that around....
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Why are so many parents selfish and try to get out of paying child support, making the child suffer because they don't like the kids' other parent anymore?

If the person being required to pay child support is the biological or adoptive father of a child, then they have a legal responsibility to pay for half the expenses of raising that child because they supplied half the genetic make-up of that child.

My ex still technically owes me about $7000 in back child support. He'd get laid off at the end of every summer and would not try to get a job over the winter so he could keep up with his payments. He paid NOTHING of their extracirricular activities, NOTHING for their school clothes, etc. What I got a month barely covered their food, the gas for running them all over the place, and oth
Shelly Strauss Rollison, New Alexandria, PA, United States , 49 , Female , New Age/Metaphysical , White/Caucasian , Bisexual , Minister, writer, activist, CNA, draftsman , 4 Years of College , Lower middle class
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