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Category: Race/Ethnicity
Subject: Blacks and obit photos
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I'm a long-time obit reader, and I've noticed that most pictures of the deceased are of black people. How come?
Joy B., Jacksonville Beach, FL, United States , 59 , female , white/Caucasian
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Category: Race/Ethnicity
Subject: blacks and obit photos
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mostly because, and this is just my opinion, white people have less time to bury the dead due to discoloration and most things are done in a rush. Black people have the advantage of having more time to plan a funeral and do things properly. and finding the perfect picture and penning an elegant obit is part of it.

"who watches the Watchmen?"
Erica W, Pineville, LA, United States , 29 , Female , White/Caucasian , Straight , Lower class
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