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Subject: Tourettes Syndrome - slurs, obscenities
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Many times when a person is exibiting symptoms of Tourettes Syndrome, they make sounds like loud noises or barks, or utter racial slurs or obscenities. What would they use verbally, if these people had never heard obscenities or certain slurs?
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Category: Disabilities/Challenges
Subject: Tourette's and the F-bomb
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Well, Tourette's isn't about saying "dirty" words, it's about saying ones that are inappropriate to the situation.

The stereotypical Tourette's sufferer will often shout out obscenities to no one in particular, saying F this and F that.

An actual Tourette's sufferer is more likely to have a "favorite" saying, as well as just randomly blurt out things that may not be obscene, but are impolite or inappropriate given the setting or context in which they are said.

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Category: Disabilities/Challenges
Subject: Tourette's and slurs/profanities
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That particular symptom, called coprolalia, is a fairly rare one. Only about 15% of folks with Tourettes will display this.

The urge seems to be to say the one thing that it is most impolitic to say. If you haven't heard a slur, you would probably substitute other phrases that are also considered impolite, 'Stupid!' for example. The mind is pretty inventive. Upon seeing someone with a large nose, the word might just be 'Nose!' or 'Elephant!'
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Category: Disabilities/Challenges
Subject: the vast majority
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The vast majority of sufferers of tourettes syndrome actually have some kind of tic, or OCD. It will change over time, and the person has to be very aware of what they are doing.

My son suffers from tourettes, and while he was growing up, he stretched his face with a facial tic to the point that he came down with impetigo. Later, in high school, he couldn't walk through a door without turning around 360 degrees after entering the room.

The difference however between OCD and tourettes is that the the OCD person gets no comfort from their OCD. The tourettes' sufferer is actually soothed by whatever their OCD is.


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