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Category: Religion
Subject: Beards on Muslim men (newspaper column)
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Is a beard on a Muslim man a form of modesty, like a Muslim woman's head scarf?

Rebecca P., Jacksonville, FL, United States , 17 , Female , Atheist , White/Caucasian , Bisexual , Middle class
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Category: Religion
Subject: From what I understand, no.
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The beard is grown because the Qur'an commands it and the Islamic hadiths (traditions) advocate it. It is said that Mohammed had a beard and Muslim men are to seek to emulate the Prophet in all things. Also, there are many Muslim laws that say men are not to do anything to their beards but they are to trim their mustaches. Shaving a beard is seen as imitating a non-believer or as being effeminate, neither of which is pleasing to Allah.

Love and Light, Rev. Shelly
Shelly Strauss Rollison, New Alexandria, PA, United States , 49 , Female , New Age/Metaphysical , White/Caucasian , Bisexual , Minister, writer, activist, CNA, draftsman , 4 Years of College , Lower middle class
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